with Guest: Daniel Elliott

Brandy and Dede talk with Daniel Elliot, about Painting To Combat Depression and art as a method of expression for emotions and feelings you cannot find the words for.

Daniel Elliott is a Painter and Teacher, he will be talking with us about how painting can be used to combat depression and other emotional challenges today.

Beyond The Edge 

Supporting Natural Immunity

Guest:  Gwen Foster N.D. 

Gwen Foster is world-class Naturopathic Doctor since 2003. Her wealth of knowledge about naturopathic and energetic medicine has helped thousands of people recover from "unrecoverable" conditions. She will be talking with us about how to support your immune system naturally and effectively!                         Click the link below or the photo to watch now.  Be sure to fill out our contact page so you can receive updates about upcoming shows.                                   "WATCH NOW ON YOUTUBE" 

Guest   Jennifer D. Bridges

Jennifer D. Bridges is a nurse and currently in the midst of a crucial battle with Houston Methodist Hospital. Watch to find out what is happening with this case and how you can help support over 100 nurses in this legal battle.

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